Andy Kings Driving Instructor - Brackley

The test

This will last between 38 to 40 minutes. You will be required to follow satnav directions for roughly half of this period with the examiner giving you verbal directions for the remainder. One in five tests will involve having to follow road signs to, or towards a particular location as requested by the examiner rather than the satnav.

During the test, you will be asked to carry out ONE of the following exercises;

  • Reverse into a marked parking bay
  • Drive into a marked parking bay then reverse out
  • Reverse in behind another car (parallel park)
  • Pull up on the right-hand side of the road, reverse 2 car lengths then safely move off

You will be asked to carry out an emergency stop (on one in three tests)

You will be asked a ‘safety check’ question whilst in the car park before you set off. You will then be asked to operate one of the ancillary controls later on in the test whilst driving, for instance ‘how do you operate windscreen washers’. You must do so without affecting the safe control of the car.

The examiner will assess your driving on the basis of ‘SAFE, LEGAL’ In other words everything you do must comply with these requirements. Of course, when you do pass the test you must always have these factors in mind when driving.

You are permitted 15 ‘driver errors’. These are relatively minor errors which have probably not affected the safe, legal parameters. More than 15 of these will result in a fail.

You will fail if you record a ‘serious’ or ‘dangerous’ fault. These would be recorded in the event of an unsafe or potentially unsafe action or for a more serious breach of the law.

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