Andy Kings Driving Instructor - Brackley


Patient, friendly tuition and a structured approach to learning. It's not just a question of driving around being told what to do. It's important to keep records of your progress and work together improving your skills to the point where you are able to drive safely on your own initiative. Part of the process will be a full scale mock test. By the time you go for your test you will be thoroughly prepared - the rest will be down to you! During lessons we also work on aspects of theory and hazard perception in order to help you pass that part of the test. I'd like to think that my pupils enjoy their time learning and I can judge this from the number of referrals I get. Usually about 80% of my pupils have come to me by 'word of mouth' recommendation.

It is very important to realise that driving is a skill for life and not just a matter of doing enough to pass a test. Frankly the proper training does not come cheap but one day it may save your life or that of someone else. The Driving Standards Agency (the people who operate the testing system) recommend that most successful candidates will have had on average about 45 hours of lessons plus private practice (if possible) before taking the test. Remember this figure is an average, it could be more, it could be less depending on the speed of learning.